Purple Rose - Colour Meaning


Purple Rose - Colour Meaning | Fiore D'Amore ®

Purple roses can assist those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfilment. It can help in a transformative period of your life. For this reason, it brings about a natural flow of creativity, to add an innovative edge to problem solving, enabling you to transform even more. Purple also contains a very ambitious character, showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

This rose colour would work perfectly as a gift for:

  • A Daugther
  • A Friend
  • A Family Member
  • A Work Associate
  • Someone who is very creative
  • Someone who is problem solving

This would work well for:

  • College Graduation
  • Starting a new business venture
  • Starting a new job role
  • Starting a new life journey
  • Artists, musicians, writers, poets and designers are all inspired by purple and its magic and creativity.


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