How Much Do They Cost?

Our roses are great value for money, as they last up to 3 years! 👌🏻🌹

They are priced as follows:

  • Bambino       $49.99
  • Piccalo        $149.99
  • Medio          $169.99
  • Grande        $199.99

We also sell Hampers, Candles & Mini Christmas Trees. (Prices listed on their product pages).


Are Your Roses Real?


Our roses are picked at their prime, & injected with an organic liquid, which preserves the rose to last up to 3 years! 🌹


Where Do You Deliver?

World-Wide! 🌎


How Do I Care For Them?

• Do NOT water the roses 🚫

• Keep them out of direct sunlight

• Don't take them out of the box

That's it. They're low maintenance AF 🙌🏻


Do you have AfterPay or ZipPay?

Yes. 🙌🏻

We now have AfterPay & ZipPay options at the checkout.

This gives you the ability to pay a weekly or fortnightly sum of your checkout total, completely interest free.

For more info, click below:


Where Are You From?

We're from Mildura, which is in the state of Victoria, in the beautiful country of Australia. 🐨


How To Pronounce Fiore D'Amore

Fee-Your-Reh Dee-Amore-Reh

Emphasise the R's if possible 🙊


What Does Fiore D'Amore Mean?

Fiore D'Amore is Italian for 'Flower of Love' 🌹🖤


Who Is The Person Behind The Brand?

My name is Piera Gallo. 🙋🏻

I am the owner of Fiore D'Amore. & the person behind all of the social media posts & comments.

I am a very driven woman, with a heart of gold. (so they say 🙊)

I put my heart & soul into this business & make sure that every box of roses is made to perfection just for you.

I will go above & beyond for my customers because I absolutely love you guys! You are all to be treated like royalty. Always. 💕


Do You Offer Refunds?


Our blooms cannot be refunded.

However, if you have a problem with your order, please contact us via email at: info@fioredamore.co


Have More Questions?

Have a question thats not listed?

Send us a message via our Contact page or via our social media pages